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What is Glyph-Bound?

Glyph-Bound: Kotodama is a non-linear, monster-catching RPG with an art style inspired by Pokemon Generations 3/4, turn-based combat influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics, and open-world exploration inspired by Runescape.

Choose one of three (3) starting villages on Akitsu Isle, select your appearance, then Bind your first team of Kami: animist spirits inspired by Japanese Shinto beliefs. These Kami are divided into 10 Elemental categories that modify battle damage and non-combat utility skills.


After a short tutorial, you are allowed to explore as you please without artificial barriers forcing you through a linear or semi-linear path.

Akitsu Adventure
Fire & Water
Mind & Soul

Core Gameplay

The gameplay loops of Glyph-Bound revolve around tracking, binding, and training Kami for use in combat and non-combat activities.

You will also have many Rare and Super Rare Kami to collect. These Kami are divided into uniquely-colored Families and can be upgraded to NFT versions with modified sprites. This upgrade process is called "minting".

Each Family of Rare and Super Rare Kami has a limited number of NFT mints available in the whole game to ensure their rarity. The pre-release Zeroth Edition Kami are even more limited than those available at release.

In order to mint a Rare and Super Rare Kami into their NFT versions, you must burn a set quantity of G-CHARM.

G-CHARM is a fungible Solana SPL token shared by all games developed and published by DRODCORP LTD. In Glyph-Bound, it can be earned by completing daily quests as well as winning PvP tournaments.

NFT and non-NFT player Cosmetics such as outfits, hairstyles, and titles will also be available to collect.


Player Housing and collectable Furniture is another major gameplay element in Glyph-Bound. These items will be available through separate NFT and non-NFT collections.

Binding a rare Psychick

Non-Linear Exploration

Dangers are few on the main roads connecting the settlements of Akitsu Isle and you will be able to visit most of them as a beginner. However, you will find stronger challengers and more dangerous areas the further you travel off the beaten path.

To encourage exploration, ten (10) Elemental Temples are scattered across the island at remote locations that match their elemental focus.

Each Temple is composed of a number of floors with increasingly strong acolytes and a Temple Leader residing on the top floor.

Visiting these Temples is not mandatory for progression but the training and challenges available there may prove indispensable for your success in and out of battle.

Frost Temple
Frost & Light
Air & Eath
Battle Theme - Low Level

Combat + Recovery

Glyph-Bound has a turn-based, tactical combat system similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and X-COM. In addition, each Kami belongs to an elemental category akin to Pokemon "types".

While out of combat, you may equip up to five (5) Kami from your Ritual Pouch to your Bracelet and assign each one with up to four (4) active combat Techniques (Techs) and one (1) passive combat Tactic.

Each Kami can learn an unlimited number of Techs and Tactics but each additional one takes more and more effort. In addition, a Kami can only maintain Mastery of six (6) Techs and three (3) Tactics at a time. Mastery of a Tech or a Tactic improves and/or alters its effects.

In a standard 1v1 Duel, each Binder can only have up to three (3) Kami from their team summoned to the battleground at the same time.

Binders can also use a special Combat Ritual once per battle. These player abilities have impactful effects and are best used to support your Kami's strengths or cover their weaknesses. Many of these Combat Rituals can be learned at the aforementioned Temples.

Victory is achieved by defeating all of the Kami on the opposing team. However, the "Underdogs" and "Last Stand" buffs ensure that battles remain exciting to the end, even when a team's Kami are outnumbered on the battleground.

Winning a battle against an opponent of similar or greater strength provides Renown, the combat experience tracker for the Binders themselves.

Between battles, you may use consumables to heal your injured Kami but should also visit the many Kami Shrines found across the Isle when you can. These Shrines will instantly heal all of your Kami free of charge much like a PokeCentre (without the unnecessary dialogue).

Nature & Shadow
Low Level Bracelet
Ritual Pouch & Backpack
High Level Bracelet
Mountain Forest Battleground

Tournaments + Meets

As your Renown increases, more questlines and special areas become available to you. You are also be able to compete in the Emperor's Tournament once you meet the required Renown threshold.

The Emperor's Tournament is a quarterly global PvP Tournament with cryptocurrency prizes and unique NFT rewards like Trophies, Titles, Cosmetics, and Housing Furniture.

The Emperor's Tournament also includes Side Events with unique rule-sets and special win conditions, as well as a variety of festive mini-games.

Using the main PvP menu, you can browse or organize your own mini-tournaments called Meets.

They can be public or private and can have custom rule-sets like the Side Events at the Emperor's Tournament.

Meets automatically distribute pooled G-CHARM registration fees as prizes, after burning a small portion of the pool and taking some for the Emperor's Tournament Treasury.


Meet reward pools may also be boosted by donations from spectators; donations are not included in pool burn calculations and top donors receive Kudos when prizes are distributed.


Kudos are badges similar to Reddit awards and can be displayed on your Binder Card, along with the rest of of you Achievement Badges.

Battle Theme - Mid Level
Emperor's Suite
Indoor Battleground
Indoor Battleground2.png
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