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  • What is "Glyph-Bound"?
    It is a 16-bit monster-battling RPG franchise in early development. The ultimate goal is to develop an MMO with a persistent open world but development is split into more manageable phases.
  • What is "Kotodama"?
    It is the first title in the Glyph-Bound franchise. Set on the Akitsu Isles, it is heavily inspired by feudal Japan and Shinto beliefs. The Shinto word "Kotodama" refers to the mystical power of language.
  • What is a "Glyph"?
    A glyph is any carved or inscribed symbol. They can be stand-alone markings or letters within a writing system. The glyphs in "Kotodama" are inspired by Japanese kanji and Chinese hanzi. Players use glyphs to bind Kami to their will and are therefore referred to as "Binders".
  • What are "Kami"?
    Kami are animist spirits that represent and personify the forces of nature. From icy mountain tops to thick rainforests to the stormy seas, it is the activity of wild Kami that shape the world of Glyph-Bound.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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  • Where does "Glyph-Bound" draw inspiration from?
    Art Style: Pokemon, Final Fantasy Tactics. Combat: Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Advance Wars, Pokemon Conquest. Open world exploration and MMO economy: Runescape and Guild Wars 2. Storytelling: Avatar - The Last Airbender.
  • What systems or consoles is "Glyph-Bound" available on?
    "Glyph-Bound: Kotodama" is can be downloaded for Windows via the Steam Store. Support for Apple and mobile operating systems is planned. Nintendo Switch support is planned after the above operating systems.
  • Who is developing and/or publishing "Glyph-Bound"?
    Glyph-Bound is independently developed and published by KAYAC Multimedia, a new indie studio formed in late 2021. Team members are located all over the world, including Canada, USA, Japan, Turkey, Philippines, and more.
  • Is there a development roadmap?
    Yes. Please see Dev Blog Post #1. TLDR: Phase 1 - Core Combat & Polish Phase 2 - PvE Combat AI & Cosmetic System Phase 3 - Kami Levelling & Additional Combat Techs Phase 4 - Overworld Mechanics & Questlines
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